Open House! ¡Dia de apertura!

Update: Due to several changes that have occurred since our Open House event, we decided not to post the recordings as it might cause further confusion. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Open House on Monday, Sept. 14th Lee Elementary will be holding a virtual Open House on Monday, September 14th.  Links and [...]

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Updated Information / Información actualizada

Updated Information for Changes to the Start of School Dates In an effort to be responsive to our community needs and the situation the fires have created we will be adjusting the official start date for students at Lee Elementary. Students in grades first through fifth will begin their Comprehensive Distance Learning on Wednesday, Sept. 16th. Students will [...]

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Attention Kinder Parents!! Change in Kindergarten start date!

The DEV K and Kindergarten classes will officially start on Tuesday, Sept. 22nd to provide teachers a chance to meet their students and to complete a few important learning assessments. There will be an opportunity for students to log-in to Seesaw and participate in several teaching opportunities each morning for about 45 minutes from the [...]

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Cambio de fecha para iniciar la clase combinada de transición bilingüe Kinder/Primero

La clase combinada de transición bilingüe Kinder/Primero comenzará oficialmente el Aprendizaje a Distancia de día completo el martes 22 de septiembre para brindarles a los maestros la oportunidad de conocer a sus nuevos estudiantes de Kínder y completar algunas evaluaciones de aprendizaje importantes. Habrá una oportunidad para que los estudiantes de Kínder y Primero se [...]

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Introducing HomeCoach!

To support parents, guardians, caretakers and siblings that are supporting our students this school year! To learn more visit Or click on the HomeCoach button at the top!

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