The Rotary Club of Salem Creekside believes in education for a lifetime. Education helps us acquire skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits to improve our lives.  Our guest speakers help us think, questions, learn and improve our outlook, that can contribute to success and improve our personal satisfaction as well as our community. We hope you will join us at our Rotary meetings, Thursdays at noon. Our guest speakers for March revolve around issues facing our community. Contact Maria Mokrai, President Rotary Club of Salem Creekside at for additional information and zoom links or www.clubrunnerca/salemcreekside.

February 25th, Chris Gilliand, Park Ranger Supervisor, Silver Falls State Park, OR Parks and Rec Dept. will be our guest speaker.

March 4th guest panel from the City of Salem, will discuss what are the effects of recent forest fires on our drinking water: potential rate increases.

March 11th our guest speaker is Wes Helmer with D & O Garbage Service. His presentation on recent industry changes, coping with the pandemic and what lies ahead as we recycle in the future.

March 18th our guest is Scott King from 13th Street Nursery. With so many businesses shut down, nurseries and building centers showing signs of growth and expansion. What does the future hold? Which plants thrive in our area?

March 25th our guest speaker is Forest Resener, Operations Director for Stove Team International, providing over 76,000 improved cookstoves to families in Latin America, which completely eliminates smoke inside the home.

We challenge students to tune in, turn in and get involved in their education. Hopefully you will also be motivated to connect with nature and explore the world around us. Take a walk together, go on an I Spy venture, see if you can find colorful sprouting plants. Write a story together on what you saw and let your children illustrate the pages, learn some fun facts or trivia about the plants, our city, state or county. Engage in learning, it can be fun and memorable for all.

Believing in the future,

Maria Mokrai

The Rotary Club of Salem-Creekside

Club #51080 – District 5100

President 2020-2021